We are computer repair specialists

When your computer is on the blink, remember our name. Here at Double Click Computers, we specialise in promptly resolving any issues you might be having. Our experienced team has an impressive 50 collective years of IT support experience under our belt; there is no problem too great or small for our technicians to resolve.

Problems starting up

Is your computer refusing to turn on? This is a surprisingly common issue in both PC and Mac computers alike. It can be caused by many different situations, and can present in many different ways. Some common symptoms may include:

  • A blank screen
  • Windows logo spinning indefinitely
  • Constant loud beeping noises on startup
  • A blue screen with white text, commonly known as a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

If your computer isn't booting correctly, drop it into our shop in Engadine and we'll sort it out for you.

Hard drive failure

One of the most common problems we see in laptops and desktop PCs is often one of the easiest to fix.

Hard drives are the mechanical components where your data and software is kept inside your computer. Due to the precise nature of the rotating platters, they are prone to failing with simple wear and tear over time. Keeping backups is a crucial part of mitigating the risk associated with a failed hard drive. Some signs your drive might be failing include:

  • "Boot device missing" errors on startup
  • Running very, very slowly
  • Scraping, ticking, or grinding noises from inside the computer

If this sounds familiar, it's imperative you get it resolved as soon as possible. The longer your computer runs while in this condition, the higher the risk of critical data loss. Make sure you have full disk backups, or get a technician to take a look for you.

Laptop repairs

Modern laptops are incredibly powerful and versatile. More and more people are replacing their traditional desktop tower with a more portable, and often times equally powerful notebook PC. Unfortunately, as computers become considerably more complex and powerful, they also accumulate things to go wrong. For example, if you've ever dropped or stepped on a notebook PC, you'll be acquainted with the telltale "melting" appearance of a broken LCD display.

Thankfully, problems like this aren't as disastrous as they may seem at first. Our laptop and mobile device experts are able to repair your damaged machine, getting you back up and running before you know it.