Keeping your valuable information safe

Sometimes distasters happen. Our computers run so reliably 99% of the time that we rarely stop to consider what happens when they don't. All too regularly we see customers in situations where they have suffered a critical failure and have lost priceless photos or business documents.

If you ever find yourself in a situation like this, there are a few ways our data recovery experts can help you.

Copy information from an old PC to a new one

If you've recently replaced your computer, chances are you'll need access to your existing information on the new machine. Transferring year's worth of data can seem a daunting task, and doing it yourself bears the risk of missing something along the way.

Here at Double Click Computers, we've been helping our clients migrate data between machines for over 15 years. Using specialist software and our know-how, we can ensure you retrieve everything you need from the old computer. Emails? No problem. Media libraries? Sure thing. MYOB data? Absolutely. Come and speak to us today to find out more!

Hassle-free automatic backups

Making sure your data is backed up can be a time consuming and stressful exercise. Luckily, there's an easier way to do it. By automatically scheduling hourly, daily, or weekly backups, we can help you get on with what you need to do, knowing you have an insurance policy in place for your data's safety. A simple copy of your important files is not a reliable backup strategy!

In some cases, however, these scheduled backups can stop working. Maybe the backup drive is full, maybe it's not connected properly, or maybe the backup software is disabled. When you're running critical operations on your computer, this can prove problematic. If you're a business user and need professionally managed solutions, our sister company Shire Tech can monitor and manage your backup, leaving your data in safe hands and letting you get on with your business.

Recover from a failed hard drive

Hard drive failure is an all-too-common scenario, and often it seems impossible to recover from. If you have critical information on a computer with a dead hard drive, our technicians can help you rebuild what you've lost.

Using professional tools and software products, we can scrape most of your information, including pictures, emails, documents, videos, music and lots more from drives that appear empty or don't appear at all.

Accidental deletion

If you've accidentally deleted something important, we're here to help. Using specialty software, we're able to scrape old shadow data on your hard drive. In most cases we're able to bring back what you're missing.

Securely erase your data

Getting rid of an old computer or external hard drive isn't always as straight forward as it seems. Simply deleting your files or performing a factory reset can leave traces of your information behind that can be retrieved by anyone with malicious intentions. To ensure your personal data remains personal, we provide a secure data erase service.

Using military grade security tools, we can effectively destroy the lingering traces of data so that you can rest assured your digital identity can't fall into the wrong hands.