Tune the performance of your PC, just like your car

Over time, computers build up bloat software, junk files, dust in the fans, and require regular maintenance just like your car does. At Double Click Computers Engadine, our qualified experts are experienced in eeking out the best performance from your PC. Here are some of the most common problems that we can service to get your computer snappy again.

Corrupt software

Operating System corruption is a common issue in Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. With updates introducing new features, compounded system files, and imperfect removal of old pieces of software, your computer can become fairly unstable over time.

As part of our Tuneup service, our technicians will replace your corrupt operating system files with fresh copies, making your computer run far more smoothly, and clearing up significant amounts of disk space for you.

Dust buildup

Dust is just a fact of life. Unfortunately, as it builds up inside your computers internals, it can introduce risks and unwanted side effects you may not have thought of, including:

  • Increased heat because your computer can't vent properly any more
  • Reduced performance
  • Risk of fire
  • Decreased system longevity

As part of our maintenance on your computer, we'll also remove the chassis to clean any dust buildup. To do this, we use special cleaning tools to ensure there is no static charge damage to your PC.

Bloatware removal

PC manufacturers often bundle popup advertising and trial software with new desktops and laptops. This software provides very little improved functionality and can actually have performance and battery consequences, sometimes even posing serious security risks depending on the manufacturer's vetting processes.

By removing this "bloat" software for you, we'll free up significant portions of your hard drive for your own use, as well as giving you a clean desktop and better security. Win win win.

Defrag and disk cleanup

Many modern computers can be damaged by unnecessary defragmentation. Other computers can benefit from defragmentation. We can help optimise your disk usage as part of our Tune-Up service.

Our Tune-Up service will ensure your hard drive is running at peak performance, whilst also recovering any wasted space.